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Dr. BehrensDr. Melissa Behrens

Dr. Behrens has had a special bond with animals since she was very young. She grew up with cats, dogs, birds, and bunnies as constant members of her household. She loved caring for and training all of her and her family’s pets, including the stuffed variety! As a veterinarian, she feels extremely privileged to be able to work every day doing something she truly loves and to help others who share her passion for these wonderful creatures we call our pets. Dr. Behrens is happily married and has three awesome boys who keep her very busy. Her full house includes two rescued dogs, Wesley and Mia, and two cats, the wise Spanky McGee and his shy friend Mojo. She enjoys spending time with her family, the outdoors, horses, gardening, cooking, and crafting.

  • Education:

    University of Illinois:  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
    Chi Institute: Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

  • Member of:

    AAHA American Animal Hospital Association
    AVMA American Veterinary Hospital Association
    IVAS International Veterinary Acupuncture Society
    AAVA American Association of Veterinary Acupuncture
    VBMA Veterinary Botanical Medical Association
    AHVMA American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Gabriela Lugo Dr. Alyssa Auge

Dr. Auge has been working in the veterinary field for 5 years and became our first full time associate last August. She graduated with honors from Roosevelt University in Chicago and then attended the Royal Veterinary College, just outside London, England, in 2014. While in school, she was involved in several research projects at the Field Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo and had the opportunity to do internships in South Africa at a baboon sanctuary and then a safari lodge, tracking lions! Dr. Auge worked as a volunteer with Dr. Behrens whenever she came home to Hoffman Estates on school breaks. They both knew that when she graduated from vet school, that she would be a great addition to our staff. She loves all aspects of veterinary medicine, but especially doing surgery and soon will start seeing exotic pets at our hospital.

Gabriela Lugo Gabriela Lugo: Lead Veterinary Technician

Gaby has been working in animal hospitals since her high school days.  As far back as she can remember her family always included dogs. Growing up in Chicago, she started her career in veterinary medicine by volunteering at her neighborhood vet clinic. It was there that she rescued her first "special needs" puppy. Popeye, a mixed breed, was brought in by the police department as an abused, stray puppy. She had a severely damaged eye that required surgery to have it removed. Although Popeye had a rough start in life, she still loves all the attention her "pretty face" gets! 
Gaby currently resides in Cary and continues her work as a veterinary technician.  Along the way she has rescued many other pets.  Popeye now has 2 Chihuahua siblings, Lucy and Desi, as well as a kitty brother, Charlie.  Lucy was rescued from a pet shop. She was very ill and needed 24/7 care so Gaby brought her home and Lucy made it through!  Desi arrived in Chicago as a Hurricane Katrina stray rescue.  He needed lots of TLC and is now one of the happiest little boys around!  Charlie the kitty was found outdoors wandering on Halloween and dropped off at the animal hospital. Every effort was made to find his home, but unfortunately, no one claimed him.  He now has a happy home with his canine counter-parts (shhh, don't tell him he's a cat!!)
Working with Dr. Behrens gives Gaby the opportunity to take care of each client's pet as she'd like to have her own taken care of.  Animal Hospital at the Shores is a second home to us so if you look around, you just might see a couple of goofy Chihuahuas or a one- eyed mutt wagging her tail alongside Gaby as she takes care of whatever needs you and your pet may have!

Gabriela Lugo Annie: Veterinary Technician

I have been working as a veterinary technician at AHATS since November 2013. Prior to joining this one-of-a-kind team I started out working at an exotic animal hospital as a lead receptionist & a veterinary assistant. I have an Associate's degree from College of DuPage & am currently enrolled in a Veterinary Technology program through San Juan College. My interests include holistic medicine, exotic animal husbandry, bladder health, dermatology, nutrition, monitoring patients during surgery, & animal behavior. At home I spend time with my fiancé Tom who works as a glass blower & woodworker, our 2 mischievous cats Alice & Arthur, our lovely snake Piper, our feisty bearded dragon Bam Bam & our fuzzy tarantula Marley! During my free time you will most likely find me reading science fiction or fantasy novels, practicing on the piano, watching movies, listening to all kinds of music, kayaking, going to hot yoga classes & learning to race BMX. I live a vegetarian lifestyle, have a black belt in Hap-ki-do & try to travel as much a possible! My goals for the next few years include becoming a CVT, volunteering at a marine animal rescue organization, & completing technician education classes in holistic veterinary medicine. The most cherished part about my job is giving animals a voice & helping them feel better when times are tough! I want to learn something new every day & help in any way that I can so that pets can live a naturally healthy life full of love!

Gabriela Lugo Kim: Certified Veterinary Technician

Kim started working in the veterinary field almost 18 years ago. She has wanted to work with animals for as far back as she can remember. She has always had a passion for wanting to help animals. She started off getting experience doing kennel help at a clinic and then moved up to being a receptionist.

After years of working with the doctors and certified veterinary technicians, she knew she wanted to further her knowledge in the field and decided to go to school to become a certified veterinary technician herself. She graduated in 2011 from San Juan College and took her boards in 2012. She is married with three children and has a household of critters including, 2 rescue dogs, a cat, guinea pigs, fish, and snails.

She joined AHATS in the summer of 2014 and is so excited to be a apart of Dr. Behrens’s team. She loves being hands on with the patients and being able to help educate clients about their pets. One of her favorite parts of the job is being able to help assist the doctors with surgery. She has developed a passion for working with anesthesia over the years and you can find her helping with surgery on our furry friends at the clinic any chance she gets!

Gabriela Lugo Sarah: Veterinary Assistant

Sarah joined our staff in September of 2015. She come from a family of nine children. Ever since high school she has been working with all kinds of animals. Not only does she have a passion for dogs and cats, she has a strong affinity for horses. For several years she has volunteered at a therapeutic horseback riding facility and continues to assist at other stables. She has one rambunctious Brittany Spaniel named Rascal. She recently received her Veterinary Assistant Certification at Harper College and plans to continue to further her education to help animals. She’s very excited to work at AHATS and happy to be a part of this wonderful team!

Gabriela LugoCara: Client Care Specialist

Cara has always had a soft spot for all things cute and fuzzy. Growing up, she was well known for having a home filled with cats. People she has known since elementary school still remember her sweet orange tabby, Tigger. Cara recently combined her passion for helping people with her desire to help animals when she left her counseling career to join the Animal Hospital at the Shores staff. She lives with her husband and her own furbabies: Bella, a Jackabee, Fiona, a grey tabby, and Snarf, the world’s cutest Ragdoll mix kitten.
Cara loves helping clients solve problems, and is loving the challenge of learning all she can about the Veterinary medicine field. But… her favorite part is greeting all the sweet faces that come through the door.

Gabriela Lugo Sydney: Kennel Assistant

Sydney is currently a High School student with hopes of becoming a Veterinarian in the future. She has had this dream since she was 5 years old. She has grown up with 3 dogs and is definitely a big dog lover. Her black lab, who is now 13, has been a big part of her motivation to pursue her lifelong dream. He has shown her so much love and happiness, and that special bond has made her realize how important it is to her to be involved in saving animal lives. Sydney says, “Working at the Animal Hospital at the Shores has given me so many unbelievable experiences and I cannot wait to keep learning more and more!”



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